Nightly News   |  October 05, 2011

Manhunt after man kills 3 in Calif. shooting

SWAT teams were searching door to door with guns drawn Wednesday near a Northern California quarry where a gunman killed three co-workers and wounded six. NBC’s Janet Shamlian has more.

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BRIAN WILLIAMS, anchor: Now we turn to Northern California where a workplace shooting this morning turned into a full-blown manhunt. NBC 's Janet Shamlian is with us tonight from Cupertino . Janet , good evening.

JANET SHAMLIAN reporting: Brian , neighborhoods in this Silicon Valley community are effectively on lockdown right now and some streets look like war zones as SWAT teams have been going door to door with weapons drawn for more than 12 hours. It started early this morning at the cement quarry, a safety meeting. Authorities say the suspect, Shareef Allman , left unhappy, returned a short time later and opened fire on his co-workers. At this hour, three are dead, seven people are injured, including a woman the suspect tried to car jack. Authorities have recovered weapons, including two assault rifles, but because there's surveillance video of the suspect after the shooting with a weapon, they believe he's still armed and dangerous and on foot in this immediate area. Authorities have brought in helicopters and search dogs to assist hundreds of officers who are working this case. But for now, residents are staying behind

closed doors. Brian: Unbelievable situation there tonight. Janet