Nightly News   |  October 11, 2011

Exclusive: Interview with Romney, Christie

NBC's Jamie Gangel talked to both Governors Mitt Romney and Chris Christie exclusively Tuesday, following Christie’s endorsement of Romney’s candidacy.

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BRIAN WILLIAMS, anchor: And as we mentioned, these two men only granted one sit-down interview today. It was with NBC 's Jamie Gangel . She's with us tonight from Lebanon , New Hampshire . Hey, Jame. Good evening.

JAMIE GANGEL reporting: Good evening, Brian . This is a big endorsement for Mitt Romney . It sends the message that he is the choice of a popular Republican governor that many in the party wanted to run. And Romney left open the possibility that, if nominated, he would consider Chris Christie for vice president. Why are you endorsing him?

Governor CHRIS CHRISTIE: He's the best person for the job. It's simply on the merits. And the fact is that we need to make sure that Barack Obama 's a one-term president for America 's future. And I 've looked at all the Republican candidates, I've met with many of them, and there's no question in my mind that Governor Romney is the person who gives us the best chance of winning back the White House in November 2012 , and I want to do everything I can to help him.

GANGEL: Did he promise you anything?

Gov. CHRISTIE: Absolutely nothing.

GANGEL: Vice President Christie?



Gov. CHRISTIE: No, he didn't promise me anything.

GANGEL: Would he be on your short list?

Former Governor MITT ROMNEY: Well, of course he'd be on anyone's short list. He may take himself off the list and say no way, he'd have no interest, but the truth is that Governor Christie is one of the leading figures in the Republican Party and is someone who has taken on extreme interests inside his state, has battled them down, and is balancing the budget in New Jersey without raising taxes, and creating the kind of environment that will ultimately create more and more jobs. It's what America needs.

GANGEL: And, you know, Brian , with his plain-speaking, no-nonsense style, Chris Christie will be a tough surrogate out on the campaign trail. Brian :

WILLIAMS: All right. Jamie Gangel in Lebanon , New Hampshire tonight. Jamie , thanks. And you can see more of this interview exclusively tomorrow morning on "Today."