Nightly News   |  October 11, 2011

More tapes heard in Murray trial

Prosecutors played more of the police interview with Conrad Murray Tuesday, describing the private moments when Michael Jackson's children found out their dad had passed away. NBC’s Jeff Rossen reports.

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>>> in los angeles , another emotional day at the trial of michael jackson 's physician, as jurors heard more of dr. conrad murray 's police interrogation, conducted just days after jackson died. and they heard from the man who conducted the autopsy in this high profile case. jeff rossen is covering the trial for us from downtown l.a.

>> reporter: dr. conrad murray sat silent today as his words echoed through the courtroom.

>> brought into the room.

>> reporter: after jackson 's death, murray described to police the heartbreaking scene inside the hospital as jackson 's kids, prince, paris and blanket learned their dad had died.

>> the children cried and cried and cried. paris said she didn't want to be an orphan. she said to me, dr. murray , you save a lot of patients, you save people with heart attacks. you couldn't save my dad. i'll wake up in the morning and not be able to see my daddy.

>> jackson 's mother katherine was in shock too.

>> well, how is he? he's not dead, is he? and the doctor said yes. and she broke down.

>> prosecutors say murray gave jackson a lethal dose of propofol, but they also found other drugs in the singer's mansion.

>> i was not aware of other medications he was taking, but i heard he was seeing dr. klein three times a week in beverly hills . and he never disclosed that to me.

>> dr. klein a dermatologist has not been accused of any wrongdoing.

>> we found a small portion of marijuana in his room. did you know him to be a smoker?

>> no.

>> later in the day, l.a.'s deputy medical examiner took the stand, telling the jury this was a homicide. and the doctor murray story that michael jackson injected himself with propofol just isn't reasonable. prosecutors could rest their case this week, and then murray 's defense team takes center stage . jeff rossen , nbc news, los angeles .