Nightly News   |  October 14, 2011

Michelle Obama stuns in violet gown

First lady Michelle Obama looked stunning Thursday at the White House state dinner honoring the president of South Korea. She wore a violet dress by Korean-American designer Doo-Ri Chung. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.

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BRIAN WILLIAMS, anchor: There was a state dinner at the White House last night honoring the president of South Korea , and once again the first lady was the standout -- pictures beamed around the world -- in a dress with its own backstory that has a lot to do with the American dream coming true. Our report from NBC 's Andrea Mitchell .

ANDREA MITCHELL reporting: On a stormy night ,neither thunder nor tornado warnings could stop the White House fashion parade, of course, led by the first lady. A shade of purple or lavender the fashionistas called ultraviolet and ultracool, originally strapless with a thigh-high slit, redesigned with one shoulder and a jeweled belt to be more demure for the first lady. It is by now a signature of the Obama White House , the stylish first lady known for patronizing Target and wearing J. Crew , using state occasions to go glam and promoting lesser-known talents as well as established fashion stars. Indian borne Naeem Khan for the Indian prime minister , and again for Germany 's Angela Merkel . Peter Soronen for Mexico . And Sarah Burton , who designed Kate Middleton 's wedding gown, for China . This time Mrs. Obama 's choice was a true Cinderella story , a young Korean-American designer Doo-Ri Chung , the daughter of Korean immigrants who own a dry cleaning business in North Jersey . The fabric of the state dinner gown? What else, jersey.

Ms. DOO-RI CHUNG (Designer): Fall's always so great because you get to work with so many different textures and different layers and, this time, definitely color.

MITCHELL: Not since Jacqueline Kennedy took Paris by storm and brought culture to the East Room has a first lady so wowed the fashion elite.

Ms. TRACEY LOMRANTZ (Glamour Contributing Style Editor): For major events like state dinners , she always looks impeccable. We see something completely fresh and new from her every single time. I think she looks flawless.

MITCHELL: So, on a rainy night with a world of problems, a little sparkle and a lot of glamour can go a long way. Andrea Mitchell , NBC News, Washington.