Nightly News   |  October 19, 2011

Strong winds, 25-foot waves in Chicago area

Wild weather took over the Windy City, with gusts of up to 60 mph whipping Lake Michigan. The Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel has more.

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BRIAN WILLIAMS, anchor: Back in this country, the big story in Chicago tonight is some big bad sporty weather. A big storm is making news. Sixty-mile-an-hour winds, 25-foot waves along Lake Michigan . Weather Channel meteorologist Mike Seidel braving it from just outside the Adler Planetarium there along the lakefront. Hey, Mike , good evening.

MIKE SEIDEL reporting: Hey, Brian , out here that storm in the Ohio Valley has become a big wind machine for the Windy City , already getting wind gusts clocked to 60 miles an hour just a couple miles offshore. And behind me we've had windows blown out of high-rises this afternoon. As the winds pick up, so do the waves. Take a look at the pictures along the lakefront. The bike and running paths have been shut down on the lakefront, and water and spray from the lake is now blowing over Lakeshore Drive . Overnight we could see 10- to 15-footers rolling in. And the forecast, these winds will howl overnight through tomorrow morning across the Midwest and lakes. Gusts up to 60. Later tomorrow the storm will slide into Canada and weaken, and the winds will weaken. By Friday it will be much calmer. Far from that last night. Along the cold front attached to the storm, three confirmed tornadoes were spawned. This is the damage from overhead from the Plantation-Sunrise area in South Florida in Broward County . Fifty homes damaged; winds estimated at 120 miles an hour. It was on the ground for a mile, and the Enhanced Fujita rating an EF2 . Back here in Chicago , Brian , it won't be quite that windy. But for some of her neighbors in those higher altitudes behind us tonight, it's going to be a long, noisy and, for some, sleepless night . Brian :

WILLIAMS: What a miserable night along Lake Michigan in Chicago . Hey, Mike , thanks for that. Take cover if you can.