Nightly News   |  October 15, 2011

Take a walk through the new ‘Nightly’ studio

After 12 years in Studio 3-C, “Nightly News” will be broadcasting from its new home across the hall in Studio 3-B. Take a tour of the bright and spiffy new digs with Brian Williams.

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This content comes from a Full-Text Transcript of the program.

BRIAN WILLIAMS, anchor: And a quick word about this broadcast and this studio. While it's still us and things here look roughly the same, you may have noticed we are in a brand-new beautiful and large new home. Our old home for the last 12 years, just across the hall, Studio 3C , is no more. We have moved into a historic studio and sound stage here at 30 Rock , Studio 3B , former home of the "Today" show and NIGHTLY NEWS over the years, and countless other shows. It's now our home, and one week from tonight we will debut "Rock Center" here live, our new prime time news magazine. Thankfully the people haven't changed, just our surroundings. But this is where we'll get together on a nightly basis