Nightly News   |  October 25, 2011

Two-week-old baby girl rescued after Turkey earthquake

A baby girl, born just 14 days ago, was pulled from the rubble of a collapsed apartment building that was her home. NBC News’ Michelle Franzen has more.

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BRIAN WILLIAMS, anchor: Now, we go overseas tonight. In Turkey , the death toll hovering around 450. It's expected to go higher. So what happened there today, 48 hours after the earthquake, is being hailed by a lot of people as a miracle. NBC 's Michelle Franzen reports again tonight from the town of Ercis on the rescue, against all odds, of a newborn baby there.

MICHELLE FRANZEN reporting: Out of this jagged mountain of rubble, a tiny life saved. A fragile baby girl , born just 14 days ago, pulled alive from the collapsed apartment building that was her home. Her name is Azra . Somehow she survived for two days and frigid nights. Cradled by her rescuers, she was rushed to a waiting ambulance. NBC 's John Ray was on the scene.

JOHN RAY reporting: The baby is well?

Unidentified Man: Baby's well. Very well.

RAY: Very well.

Man: Very well.

RAY: That's a miracle, isn't it?

Man: Yeah.

Offscreen Voice:

RAY: That's a miracle.

Man: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

FRANZEN: But Azra was not alone. Her family had been buried with her. Her mother, Sakeen , still trapped, had managed to lift her baby to the arms of rescuers. She was pulled out soon after and rushed to the hospital. Then Azra 's grandmother was found and she, too, was carried to safety. Three lives, three generations saved. The exhausted rescuers were overjoyed. Rescue after rescue, but searchers did not give up. They went right back to work in the hopes of finding others still alive. But rescue efforts have reached a critical point heading into a third bitterly cold night. Hundreds are still missing and crews are finding more bodies than survivors. But everyone's spirits were lifted by the lives saved today, especially the life of little Azra . Born a month prematurely, she's now a survivor several times over. Late today, Azra and her mother were flown to Ankara for medical care. We're told they're doing fine. In Turkish, Azra means "pure." Today in the disaster zone, it also means hope. Tonight crews down at the site where Azra and her family were rescued are using that hope and sense of urgency to search for another relative, Azra 's father, who is still missing and said to be at home when the earthquake

struck. Brian: Michelle , thanks. Michelle Franzen on the scene in Turkey for us tonight.