Nightly News   |  November 03, 2011

At G20, Obama pushes for Eurozone crisis fix

President Obama is at a meeting of 20 world leaders, where he pushed for solving the European financial crisis. NBC’s Chuck Todd reports from Cannes, France.

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BRIAN WILLIAMS, anchor: Now to France where President Obama is at a meeting of the world's economic heavyweights, the G-20 at what everyone agrees is this crucial moment in the world economy . Our chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd traveling with the president in the Riviera resort town of Cannes and is with us from that gathering. Chuck , good evening.

CHUCK TODD reporting: Good evening, Brian . Well, look, this is no ordinary summit. Normally these things are precooked, they already know the big deals that they're going to announce. Not so here. All of the world leaders were gathered, President Obama , the French president , German chancellor . They were watching the events unfold in Greece . They were trying to figure out who was still in charge of the government, was there going to be a referendum and they've been reacting in the moment. You talk to Obama administration officials here and they say tomorrow there'll be a unified statement of financial support for these European countries to come up with this bailout plan that begins with Greece . But there's, of course, worries that it could spread to Italy and all of this has hurt, of course, the US economy . But all of this with the backdrop of where we are on the French Riviera at a time of all this austerity, and here we are in one of the most posh resorts towns. It's sort of -- it's an uncomfortable place to be watching all this. Brian :

WILLIAMS: I was going to say, a city better known for the film festival every year than the G-20 meeting. Chuck Todd from France tonight. Chuck ,