Nightly News   |  November 11, 2011

11/11/11: Unique date brings hope of luck

One was not the loneliest number Friday, when all over the world people celebrated a once-in-a-century occurrence: 11/11/11. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles has more.

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>>> where will you be at a little after 11:00 tonight? it will be your last chance for a hundred years to take a moment on the calendar. it is 11/11/11. that's one fine day and all day it had people hoping for mathematical magic. here's nbc's kevin tibbles.

>> reporter: they may sing that one is the loneliest number but on today's date the ones have plenty of company. at 11 minutes after 11:00 this morning on 11/11/11, 11 happy couples tied the knot in new york's times square .

>> we got engaged at 11:11 in the morning. this is our way of a little "i love you" to each other.

>> reporter: record numbers of weddings in vegas, the u.k., china. for newsroom roll gists the once in a century occurrence brings good luck.

>> 11/11/11 is a launch to whatever you want to achieve.

>> reporter: presumably all babies born today will get into the college of their choice and be able to pay for it. there is a new baby out named "11-11-11." producers hope it gets lucky at the box office . those in it won't be. it's a horror flick.

>> they're here! [ screaming ]

>> reporter: for those of a different generation, who can forget the 11th in the 80s cult classic "spinal tap".

>> these go to 11.

>> across the board p...

>> reporter: at this lottery counter the number 11 was sold out. at least one physicist said a bunch of ones is just a whole bunch of ones.

>> i don't think there is significance to the numbers in particular.

>> reporter: in germany it's cause for costume and celebration where they partied not like it's 1999 but like it's 11/11/11. kevin tibbles, nbc news, new york.