Nightly News   |  November 14, 2011

Disturbing Sandusky interview resurfaces

An interview with Jerry Sandusky from a few years ago has resurfaced. In it, Sandusky talks about his work with children. NBC’s Michael Isikoff has more.

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BRIAN WILLIAMS, anchor: And there's more to report tonight on this. As we said, a videotaped interview of Jerry Sandusky conducted some years ago has now surfaced in which he talks about his work with children. It's now, of course, difficult to watch in light of these allegations. And as Peter just reported there's been another high level resignation in the wake of the scandal. Our national investigative correspondent Michael Isikoff has more on all of it.

Dr. JACK RAYKOVITZ: We've outgrown many facilities.

MICHAEL ISIKOFF reporting: That's Jack Raykovitz interviewed last spring about the expanding reach of The Second Mile , a charity he ran for 28 years that helps troubled kids. A grand jury report says Raykovitz was told in 2002 that Jerry Sandusky was showering naked with a 10-year-old boy in the Penn State football team's locker room. He says a Penn State official told him there was no finding of wrongdoing, but state investigators want to know if there was a cover-up. The Second Mile is reeling. And its newly appointed director says the charity has launched its own investigation.

Mr. DAVID WOODLE: We're really kicking off here to make sure we've talked to everyone and we document everything as part of a self-initiated internal review.

ISIKOFF: Woodle stresses these alleged sex crimes occurred outside Second Mile programs and events. But the grand jury report says Sandusky met every one of his eight alleged victims through The Second Mile .

Mr. JERRY SANDUSKY (Founder of The Second Mile): Because I'm a frustrated playground director, I guess, so I'll start. I enjoy being around kids. And I just -- I love active kids . I enjoy being around them.

ISIKOFF: Jerry Sandusky was interviewed by NBC News in 1987 about his work with the children at The Second Mile .

Mr. SANDUSKY: I really enjoy the personal contact. I get a lot of personal contact in my life through my family, through our athletes and through the kids who are involved in The Second Mile . I wouldn't want to lose that.

ISIKOFF: Sandusky has lost his role with the charity. They severed all ties with him last year. And now he's facing 40 counts of child sex abuse . He denies all wrongdoing. Today we spoke to lawyers who've been contacted by a number of families of the victims who are interested in filing civil suits against The Second Mile as well as Penn State . Michael Isikoff , NBC News , State College , Pennsylvania .

WILLIAMS: And we will have more on this story tonight on " Rock Center , 10:00 , 9 Central , including Bob Costas and his interview with Jerry Sandusky 's lawyer who is now speaking about this case.