Nightly News   |  December 16, 2011

McQueary saw Sandusky in ‘wrong and sexual’ act with boy

Penn State assistant football coach Mike McQueary testified Friday that he had no doubt he saw former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky in a sexual act with a boy in a university locker room in 2002. NBC’s Michael Isikoff reports.

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>> good evening. he is a star witness in a terrible story. so when he spoke today in court, his words carried great weight. mike mcqueary says he witnessed a terrible thing while he was assistant football coach at penn state , back before the name penn state became synonymous with this unfolding sex scandal and the former defensive coordinator jerry sandusky . the testimony is key to the case against two former penn state officials, senior v.p. gary schultz and athletic director tim curley who denied charges they lied to authorities. again tonight fair warning , this is tough material. the whole case has been that way from the start. we begin tonight with our national investigative correspondent michael isikoff from state college , pennsylvania.

>> reporter: once the starting penn state quarterback, now a star witness for the government, mike mcqueary took the witness stand today and graphically described seeing a naked jerry sandusky engaged in what he called extreme sexual activity with a young boy . "the boy was up against the wall" mcqueary testified. "jerry was directly behind him in a very, very close position. i believe jerry was sexually molesting him." mcqueary slammed his locker door shut causing them to separate and directly look him in the eye. athletic director tim curley and senior vice president gary schultz , both charged with lying about what mcqueary told them about the incident and failing to report it to authorities. mcqueary acknowledged he never actually saw any sexual intercourse and never intervened. "i was shocked and horrified," he said "and to be frank with you i probably was not thinking straight."

>> mcqueary was a great witness, very clear, articulate and very sincere and very respectful.

>> reporter: prosecutors read from joe paterno 's grand jury testimony. paterno told mcqueary only said he had seen sandusky with a youngster doing something of a sexual nature. paterno didn't push mcqueary for details. he passed along to curley who along with schultz met with mcqueary a week and a half later but never took any steps to investigate. defense lawyers hammered mcqueary over why he never told police. noting schultz 's position, "i thought i was talking to the police." late today judge william wenner ruled the testimony from mcqueary and others was enough to take the