Nightly News   |  January 05, 2012

Hundreds attend CT house fire funeral in NYC

Firefighters, family and community members mourned the three little girls and their grandparents who died of smoke inhalation on Christmas. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

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>>> it was one of the saddest stories in recent memory. it happened christmas morning . three little girls and their grandparents were killed in a house fire in connecticut while their mother was able to escape the flames. the funeral was today here in new york city attended by waves of firefighters who were deeply affected as well. the mother of the three girls eulogized her own children saying, quote, my girls are in my heart. that's where they live now. though separated the girls' parents were together today in grief. we have since learned the fire was caused by fireplace embers taken from the fireplace, placed near a back door apparently because the little girls were worried the chimney would be too hot for santa to come down. the house was under renovation. one of the questions for investigators is whether the home had working smoke alarms.