Nightly News   |  January 06, 2012

Analyzing Romney’s electability

‘Meet The Press’ moderator David Gregory joins Brian Williams.

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>> from you is the moderator of "meet the press," david gregory . number one, a lot of former candidates have made mistakes of assumptions coming into new hampshire . number two, this word electability is starting to dog him.

>> let me start with that. electability is a factor if you look at a the rest of the party. he's the 25% guy so far. he wants to try to reverse that in new hampshire . what's important for him is that it was a big factor. it was in iowa. second is if you're a strong enough conservative. it's a big deal here. i think that's why he gois to south carolina , campaigns in two states at once. he's trying to argue that he is the inevitable nominee. he's not letting anything go to chance here. remember barack obama four years ago lost in new hampshire to hillary clinton though he was up big here. a supporter of romney says he'll grind it out here, not just sit back and hold big rallies.

>> we'll be watching you sunday morning. the final debate before the new hampshire primary here on this nbc station. the nbc news facebook debate will air sunday morning on "meet the press."