Nightly News   |  January 10, 2012

Electability essential to Romney win

NBC’s Tamron Hall reports on how the Romney campaign put together the victory in New Hampshire.

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>> we said, the polls are still open as we come on the air. but that hasn't stopped us from approaching some of the voters in this state today and asking them, what has motivated them for the vote they have come to cast today. tamra hall with more.

>> reporter: you see, 60% say the economy was the most important issue followed by the deficit, abortion and health care . now what voters are looking for in a candidate. it was pretty evenly divided. a third said electability was the most important thing. they wanted someone who beat president obama , with 27% saying they wanted someone with the right experience to be president, followed by someone with strong moral character, 24%. just 14% saying they were looking for a true conservative. 54% are oconservatives, 34% liberals, with -- excuse me, 12% saying liberals with 34% saying moderate. that was a lot different than we saw last week in iowa where the caucusgoers were overwhelmingly conservative, brian.

>> we'll all be watching the numbers as the evening goes