Nightly News   |  January 10, 2012

Inside the N.H. store all candidates visit

Brian Williams visits Robie’s Country Store in Hooksett, N.H., a must-stop location for campaigning politicians.

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>>> and finally tonight from manchester, pretty much all you need to know about politics in new hampshire , you can learn not far from here at roby's country store . it's a must-stop location for politicians who are running and running through here. and while not all of them go on to be winner, they all do get a spot on the wall. the bell rings when you walk through the door at roby's and the list of those who have been here reads like a roll call of modern political history, all the candidates for whom the bell tolls.

>> mr. carter, mrs. carter. nancy reagan , jack kemp and his wife joan. kerry from nebraska. he played checkers with my husband. we always had the checker board set up. and al gore came. and he sat over at the table in the corner other there and he had coffee.

>> this is rudy.

>> dorothy has seen them come and go. a life-long republican. her biggest thrill was being asked to host a lunch for the president from georgia because his wife visited and liked it so much.

>> they said would you be willing to give a luncheon for mrs. carter. i thought a luncheon for the first lady in this little town ? in this little store? i said yes right away.

>> if you stay at this long enough, you're bound to see some amazing things in new hampshire , as dorothy witnessed when mitt romney stopped by.

>> when romney came, the first thing he did was to come in here and see a picture of his father when he ran up there on the wall to see if it was still there. this is mrs. reagan when she came in.

>> dorothy knows what happens here could only happen here.

>> that's new hampshire , that's what we are.

>> how about that? a picture of mitt romney 's father. folklore has it the headline jimmy who that was used to describe the once unknown jimmy carter came from dorothy 's husband who had trouble hearing governor carter introduce himself in the carter and he asked jimmy who? and that moment stuck and propelled carter's campaign. that