Nightly News   |  January 12, 2012

Haiti: Two years later

On the second anniversary of the devastating earthquake, the rebuilding effort has been painfully slow. NBC’s Ron Allen revisits a family that had been in the process of adopting two little girls.

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>>> two years ago today, disaster struck haiti in the form of a massive earthquake. we were there by the next morning. witnessed the destruction, got to see the outpouring of aid that followed, but the suffering continues, of course. as of today, two years later, just half of the mountain of rubble caused by the quake has been removed. rebuilding has been painfully slow. more than 600 schools have been rebuilt or reteared. 100,000 temporary shelters replaced homes wiped out. amid the misery, stories of kindness and love, we learned about one after we arrived to cover the quake two years ago. a man chased me down to tell me about children in an orphan age he was concerned about. ron allen met an american man frantically searching for two little girls he was in the process of adopting from haiti . tonight, ron revisits that story and that family.

>> reporter: in suburban nashville, there are two little sisters , part of a brand-new family. with their adoptive parents mike and missy williams and three brothers.

>> i love you.

>> i love you.

>> reporter: they're adjusting well to a completely different way of life .

>> i'm tia.

>> reporter: we actually know them pretty well. we met tia and naita now 8 after the earthquake. the wilsons were in the process of adopting them.

>> the center is where exactly the girls were. i remember that helpless feeling of we're never going to see them again.

>> let's go get this done.

>> reporter: mike flew to haiti and found the girls safe. about a week later, the u.s. finally began giving american families adopting children permission to bring them home. for the wilsons , that meant tia could leave immediately, but naika's case was further down the list. it took weeks to get her home and months before she truly believed she was a member of the family.

>> i made it my mission at that time, i'm going to get this little girl to trust us .

>> reporter: now she does.

>> she is a mama's girl.

>> reporter: two years later, the wilsons still have quiet talks about haiti .

>> every now and then out of the blue, they'll say something about, you know, the day the earth shook. they remember those things and how they felt. i don't want it to be something they dwell on either.

>> reporter: wilsons work for a christian nonprofit. they led armies of volunteers to haiti at least a dozen times. building dozens of new homes. setting up a feeding center for children. both your girls came from places like this.

>> they're mud huts.

>> reporter: eventually, the wilsons plan to live here and open an orphanage they're building, inspired, they say, by their two little girls. ron allen , nbc news, port-au-prince.