Nightly News   |  January 13, 2012

Winter chill hits the U.S.

Wind and snow hit Cleveland producing below-average temperatures, and Buffalo, N.Y., saw more than six inches of snow. Weather Channel meteorologist Mike Seidel joins NBC’s Brian Williams from Cleveland, Ohio.

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>>> to this year's delayed winter on set which in the midwest is emphatically here tonight. the snow that hit the chicago area moved east. behind it bitter cold. weather channel meteorologist mike seidel with us from cleveland tonight with the latest.

>> reporter: good evening. it was a shock to those in the midwest as the warnings were snub. in cleveland four inches of lake-effect snow with 40 mile-an-hour wind gusts that caused whiteouts. wind chills near zero were long overdue here in. buffalo, six inches of snowfall. another foot could small tonight and tomorrow. in green bay 450 turned out in lambeau field and scored $10 an hour to shovel out the stadium ahead of sunday's packers/giants playoff game. unlike four years ago, temperatures will be in the upper 20s at kick-off and in the below zero . close to zero tonight in chicago. your coldest night so far, more snow around the lakes tomorrow. that 29 in new york city tonight is actually a little bit above average. wind chill will get you. tomorrow, a seasonable january day in the northeast. sunshine, less wind. the warm-up begins in the big cities . by sunday, temperature are back above average. how many times have we said that this season in chicago, st. louis and atlanta? with millions dealing with this teeth-chattering weather going into the weekend, at least some will be online tonight checking out caribbean vacations.

>> a cold night on the lake in cleveland . mike seidel , thanks.