Nightly News   |  January 14, 2012

Old man winter wakes up

Much of the country is in a deep freeze after unseasonably warm weather. The Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel reports.

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>>> we knew old man winter would eventually wake up and tonight he's put much of the country in the grip of the deep freeze. an arctic blast punching quite a punch after an unseasonably warm winter. mike sidel reports.

>> reporter: for the past four to six weeks, people were wondering where's the cold and the ice and snow and people are saying it is about time we got winter weather . these are all below average. notice the highs in chicago, only in the teens. here in chicago, more lake-effect snow and windchills only in the single numbers. how about 31 inches of it south of buffalo. by the way, the u.s. snow cover as this doubled to 33% in the past three days. sunday morning temps below zero across new england and a numbering 27 in new york. tonight, lester, no signs that the wholesale weather pattern is undergoing a major change. we are not going to see the persistent snow and cold from the past two winters. it will start to warm up on monday and tuesday once again.