Nightly News   |  January 16, 2012

Video from inside cruise ship shows chaos

Video shot by a waiter inside the dining room of the capsized ship Costa Concordia shows scenes of chaos, moments after passengers became aware there was a problem. NBC’s Harry Smith reports.

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WILLIAMS: off our reporting tonight.

BRIAN WILLIAMS, anchor: As we mentioned NBC 's Harry Smith is also there along the Italian coastline reporting for tonight's "Rock Center," and he previews an NBC News exclusive, video inside the dining room of the ship taken by a ship's waiter, Miguel Flores , on his cellphone as the passengers heard the first announcement that there had been a problem.

Unidentified Man #1: Your attention please.

Unidentified Man #2: I speak on behalf of the captain. We're currently in a blackout as we've experienced electrical failure.

Mr. MIGUEL FLORES: The captain speaks through the speakers, he says, 'Everything's under control, it's only a problem of blackout.'

Man #2: At this point the situation is under control and our technicians are working to solve the situation. We will give you further information as it becomes available.

Mr. FLORES: In that moment the people, they get more crazy. So they start to escape everywhere. In this moment the captain called Tango India .

Man #2: Tango India . Tango India . Tango India .

HARRY SMITH reporting: Tango India ?

Mr. FLORES: Tango India means injured people.

SMITH: There's injured people?

Mr. FLORES: Yeah, yeah, yeah. In this moment we don't know exactly what the real problem is. People crying, specific children, I am sorry for them. Old people, they don't -- for us it's no problem because -- the problem is old people, they cannot move, and also the children.

SMITH: And this morning we went out to Giglio Island to take a look at this hulking ship for ourselves. The Costa Concordia is a most modern ship, as you well know, Brian , state-of-the-art technology. Everything you could possibly need to ply the waters of the Mediterranean, or the Caribbean or anywhere in the ocean on this planet. And to see it almost beyond the size of three football fields long lying on its side, it looks almost other worldly. We went out there with American boat captain, a yacht captain, who has plied the waters around here and around the world for more than 30 years. And what he has to say about the captain and the captain's actions in regard to sailing so close to this tiny island in waters that have been charted for hundreds of years all the way back to beyond the birth of Christ , is something you're going to want to hear, and we'll have that on a report tonight on " Rock

Center." Brian: OK, Harry Smith along the Italian coast. Harry , thanks. And again, we'll see more from Harry from Italy tonight on "Rock Center" at 10, 9 Central time .