Nightly News   |  January 17, 2012

Cruise ship’s diesel fuel presents danger

Jim Fee, a yacht skipper for three decades, discusses the potential ecological problems related to the Costa Concordia disaster. NBC’s Harry Smith reports.

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>> scene of the wreck. tonight, harry has an exclusive closeup at what the costa concordia , with an american named jim fee who was a sea captain on those same waters for nearly 30 years.

>> the people were going down on these lines, they were getting down into the water with those ropes. you see the lifeboats couldn't be launched. it really is something to see a ship this size keeled over. it's amazing. it's a real disaster. there were people who were trying, attempting to jump off the deck into the water from high up, abandoning the ship was not a simple task for all these folks. you had a lot of old people, people, they were sitting down for dinner at the time. the people in the decks below are the ones that are missing and most likely didn't make it. apart from the tragedy of the people who were involved, to have a behemoth like this sitting on the bottom --

>> what's the ecological danger for this ship?

>> he's got 2400 tons of diesel fuel on there. if the weather changes, starts breaking up, they can't get it off fast enough, this whole area could be contaminated and the tourism industry here would just be shot.

>> harry smith 's conversation with veteran captain jim fee.