Nightly News   |  January 25, 2012

GOP candidates spar in Florida

Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich fielded tough questions at Miami forum. NBC’s Ron Mott reports.

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>>> it has been tragic to see what has happened to our space program over the last 30 years.

>> reporter: this is ron mott covering the newt gingrich campaign on florida 's space coast where it's been a day of political rocket attacks between the two leading gop candidates for president, and tough questions for them both about their personal worth and personal character. today, at a candidate's forum in miami, gingrich was thrilled about his credibility and prosecuting bill clinton for the monica lewinsky scandal .

>> you criticize president clinton for having extramarital affairs .

>> no. i criticized president clinton for lying under oath.

>> at the same time you were doing exactly the same thing. that's hypocritical.

>> gingrich wasn't the only one on the hot seat. the moderator asked the former governor how much he has.

>> it's between $150 million and $200 million. that's what the estimates are. by the way, i didn't inherit that.

>> reporter: those automatic wards moments behind them, romney and gingrich assumed their offensives. gingrich attacked romney 's immigration proposal.

>> you have to live in a world of swiss bank accounts and cayman island accounts and $20 million a year come with no work to have some fantasy this far from reality.

>> reporter: romney went after president obama 's state of the union speech .

>> he was speaking in fantasy land last night. he seems extraordinarily detached from reality, detached from what's going on in florida .

>> reporter: with space exploration especially important to this part of florida , newt gingrich told a crowd today by the end of his second term as president, the u.s. would have the first permanent base on the moon.

>> ron mott rounding out our political coverage from the earth to the moon tonight. but