Nightly News   |  January 25, 2012

Heavy rain soaks Texas

More severe weather and heavy rain is on the way and may alleviate the state’s drought. Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore reports.

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>>> we are again covering violent weather tonight. as you watch this, keep in mind it's january after all. we are talking about tornados in the south again on top of a pounding already. look at that front, that weather system today was texas in the crosshairs of an enormous storm system. weather channel meteorologist jim cantore with us with the latest. jim, when you and i meet up after a bad weather event it's the spring, summer or fall, but it is rarely winter.

>> yeah. when you take a look at this month and add the five tornados we had today, brian, this will be a top five january in terms of numbers of tornados. all fresh on people's minds, especially in alabama what happened tuesday morning. let's take a look where we go from here. on a positive note though, we are going to see potentially half the drought wiped out in texas. tomorrow morning it's new orleans, jackson, mississippi, the potential for high winds . possibly an isolated tornado. by 4:00 in the afternoon, it looks like it's going to be birmingham once again down into the florida panhandle . at least during the daylight hours. either way, more severe weather and heavy rain for the south.

>> unbelievable stuff. jim cantore , thank you as always.