Nightly News   |  January 27, 2012

Thousands of birds plague Kentucky suburb

European starlings cloud the sky every evening, polluting the town. Now some angry residents are fighting back. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

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>>> finally tonight, we'll take you to a town with a big problem in northern kentucky , where about people live and these days they live with a lot of birds. they weren't looking for birds. they like birds enough, but there's birds and there's the birds that have moved into this town along with everything birds bring with them. the stuff that comes out the back and the noise that comes out the front. nbc's kerry sanders bravely volunteered to tell their story.

>> reporter: just as sun sets, the sky here in kentucky turned black. a plague of birds that arrived on thanksgiving and have returned here every night since.

>> i was scared. i didn't know what was happening.

>> reporter: they identified the flock of several hundred thousand birds as mostly european starlings. at first, residents say it was a simple wonder of nature, but now this is not a case of angry birds, rather angry victims because of what those birds drop.

>> every day. i am held hostage in my house.

>> reporter: held hostage like that seaside down in alfred hitchcock 's "the birds."

>> it's spooky, like something out of that movie.

>> reporter: experts say there is no reason to think this flock will attack.

>> we had no snow cover this winter. it's been below freezing only a few times. the birds are probably right here this year because of mild weather.

>> reporter: darlene arms is fighting back.

>> beat my hands. i was furious with them. it didn't work. i went and i got a pan and i just started beating it. if it had worked, they would have left. my husband said if you used a hammer on that pole it would even be louder. but they were right back.

>> reporter: so then you went to?

>> the cannon. the cannon has not worked.

>> reporter: there's no projectile in that cannon. it just makes noise. some hunters from texas offered to come here and kill the birds. the city and mayor have rejected that idea. for now, they'll rely on darlene and her cannon. kerry sanders , nbc news, la grange , kentucky.