Nightly News   |  January 28, 2012

Analyzing presidential campaign strategy

NBC’s Kate Snow and David Gregory, host of “Meet the Press,” discuss Newt Gingrich’s campaign plans and growing concerns about the Republican nomination fight.

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>> moderator of "meet the press." good evening. we just heard that newt gingrich is going all the way to the nomination. if he can't pull off a win on tuesday in florida, is that realistic?

>> reporter: it becomes very difficult, but certainly not impossible. it becomes difficult because after tuesday, not only a win in florida for romney puts him in a much more commanding position, but then you don't have a lot of contests until the end of february and you've got some contests in a primary calendar that favors romney . but this would give gingrich time to refuel. he has some money behind him at this point, so he could regroup. but he doesn't have any debates which is his real life 's blood for this campaign.

>> how concerned are republicans, the party, about the nomination fight? the longer it goes on, the more divisive things get. are they worried that the party damages the eventually nominee?

>> who's the they, that's the question. among officer holders, congressmen, senator, governors, people who have been in the party a long time, i think they're worried. i think they'd like to see romney wrap this thing up, particularly because gingrich is coming at him with much more populist attacks, the same kind that president obama will come at romney with if he's the nominee. but i think ron mott's reporting and some of that sound -- some of the information from sarah palin really says something. there was a grass roots in the republican party that does not want romney to sew this thing up yet. has real concerns about him as a conservative. that's going to keep things pretty interesting for a while.

>> makes it interesting to watch. david gregory , we'll be watching tomorrow morning . john mccain and obama campaign senior strategist david axelrod 's are david's guests tomorrow morning on "meet the press."