Nightly News   |  January 28, 2012

Difficulties continue at crippled cruise ship

A 17th body is recovered from the Costa Concordia, but at least 17 more people are missing as weather hampers efforts to remove a half-million gallons of fuel. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports from Isola del Giglio.

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>>> causing significant delays for those trying to pump fuel out of the " costa concordia " and rough seas are hampering the efforts to save people still missing. we have the latest from the tuscan coast.

>> reporter: divers tried to work today. entering cold, choppy water. immediately descending into darkness . along deck after deck of the con concordia, down to the crushed edges, where the reef displays an ugly tangle of what was inside. mattresses, furniture, and then a single shoe. in this deeply submerged back of the ship, this is where divers did find the body of a woman near an evacuation point. perhaps flooded too quickly that night, while thousands of people aboard scrambled for lifeboats. 17 victims have been recovered, but nearly that same number are still missing. searchers today wanted to use robotic cameras to help, but the rough seas wouldn't allow it. as if that were not enough, another task needs to happen out here at the same time. pumping out fuel before it leaks. salvage teens drilled through the hull into the tanks. but the waves stopped that too. they had to detach equipment and back off. likely now won't be able to start until the middle of next week. for the uninjured survivor, they offered roughly $14,000 and plus all travel expenses , though some have chosen a legal route. this lawsuit filed yesterday in miami by six passengers seeks hundreds of millions of dollars, as punishment. saying passengers were left to fend for themselves. it will be a process, and this unwelcome view a reminder for months to come. michelle kaczynski, nbc news, giglio, italy.