Nightly News   |  January 29, 2012

Nuclear inspectors go to Iran

The goal of the three-day visit is to try to determine whether the nation has a secret nuclear weapons program. NBC’s Ali Arouzi reports.

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>>> rising tensions and threats related to iran 's nuclear ambitions a team of international inspectors have arrived there.

>> good evening, lester. in a rare visit to iran , a senior delegation of iaea inspectors began an important three-day visit that could influence washington's next move. their purpose, to determine whether iran has a secret nuclear weapons program . tehran maintains that its program is purely for civilian purposes. it's still unclear whether the delegation will be allowed to visit nuclear facilities or just hold talks with iranian officials. allowing in the iaea delegation and comments by president ahmadinejad earlier this week that iran was willing to restart nuclear negotiations seemed to be a sign iran was striking a more conciliatory notes. western powers call this a stalling tactic. iran 's speaker of the parliament warned the iaea team to be professional or suffer the consequences. tensions with the west were ratcheted up even further this month when washington and the eu imposed their harshest sanctions on iran so far. in response to those sanctions, iran 's parliament announced that it was considering retaliation with a preemptive ban on oil exports to the eu. iran 's oil minister announced iran would stop selling oil to some countries which could send oil prices sky high and leave some european countries scrambling for an alternative oil source. lester?