Nightly News   |  January 30, 2012

Winter heat wave

Temperatures are rising around the nation, making for an unusually warm January. Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore reports.

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>>> there's already a name for what we are experiencing this winter. it's called junuary. temperatures today and tomorrow much closer to what they are in june than they should be in the dead of winter. thus, the newspaper headlines around the nation blaring about winter's virtual cancellation. events called off for lack of snow, ice and cold. with us tonight from weather channel headquarters, our friend meteorologist jim cantore . jim, there is a chance it just never moves in to stay, winter does?

>> i think we are going to get winter. february and march, big months for storms. it's not over yet. let's talk about what we had though. this is amazing well. you look at 9/10 of the country, we have had above-normal temperatures. the scale to the top above average. that is above average. we look into february. more of that to the south. this may not bode well for our severe weather potential. we already had 74 tornados this month, third all time. today, 50 plus record highs right in this region here. we will have another slew tomorrow. i bet they wish the super bowl was in dallas. 72 coming up. it looks like this area will finally cool off by the time we start early next week. some of the extended models do suggest we do cool off starting next week, and possibly a big chill coming toward the middle of february. we're going to have to wait and see. they haven't lasted that long.

>> we'll pay for all these stories we keep doing. jim cantore from the weather channel , thanks as always.

>>> some be fair sox folks are having a good old-fashioned winter like parts of alaska where the temperature in fairbanks plunged to 49 below zero over the weekend.