Nightly News   |  January 31, 2012

New audio from Air Force One following JFK assassination

Tapes found in a box of a former Kennedy aide reveal never-before-heard conversations as officials cope with the death of President John F. Kennedy. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

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>>> it was for a generation or more the darkest day anyone in america could imagine. our young president, john f. kennedy , had been assassinated in dallas. people wept in public. they huddled around tv and radios and a three-day vigil began. but thanks to new tapes found in a box of a former kennedy aide and never heard before, never part of the official assassination public record until now, we get to hear the machinery of government dealing with a shock to the system . as you hear the following portion between the president's physician on air force one and the surgeon general back in washington concerning the handling of jfk's body, remember this was happening in real time and all of it was unimaginable talk just hours earlier.

>>> as it happened, because the president was a navy man, a decorated war hero , in fact, he was taken to bethesda naval hospital where the postmortem was conducted on the president's body with guards looking on. you can hear all the audio released in this -- this certain release by going to our website. we put links to it at