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Nightly News   |  March 06, 2012

Meet the 18-year-old mayor

Jeremy Minnier was elected mayor of Aredale, Iowa, beating the town’s 76-year-old incumbent. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports.

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>>> finally tonight, a political race that didn't get quite as much attention as super tuesday is getting, not that it wasn't a big deal when the young man you're about to meet was elected mayor of his town. the problem was he really couldn't celebrate because he had school the next day and he's not old enough to drink. our report from nbc's kevin tibbles.

>> reporter: there he is, on the sax. not bill clinton , but jeremy minnier -- mayor jeremy minnier.

>> all those opposed?

>> this is my hometown. born and raised here.

>> reporter: proud of it?

>> all the way. next we'll go over the budget.

>> reporter: this 16-year-old is the new mayor of aredale, iowa, population 74 with a dusty main street and a post office destined for closure. how would is the town?

>> 112 years old. we want to spruce it up.

>> reporter: there are places where voting someone in this young would raise eye brous bbrows but not here where they say mayor minnier is what this town needs.

>> now we have time for public comment.

>> reporter: as a write-in candidate he won in a landslide, 24-8. no super pac necessary. folks already know him.

>> i have seen him in a stroller with his twin brother , yes. cute little bundle of joy.

>> reporter: although in farm country, name recognition has its pitfalls.

>> i had a lady at the bank call me jeremy manure.

>> reporter: he has a part-time job preparing ribs in aredale's one restaurant. if the good citizens are hunting for their mayor, chances are they will find him tending the family farm .

>> there is a lot of thoughts that run through my mind out here.

>> reporter: as for big time career aspirations, don't look for mayor minnier to forget his roots.

>> i don't see myself in washington, d.c. or in the capitol. i just love it here. it's a small town atmosphere i love.

>> reporter: as mayor, he'll work to keep it this way, once his shorchores and homework are done. kevin tibbles, nbc news, iowa.