Nightly News   |  March 14, 2012

Obama’s close relationship with David Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain and President Barack Obama have a personal bond that helps define their working relationship. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.

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>>> this is andrea mitchell in washington. they are both young, smart, devoted family men with the world on their shoulders, looking like two friends trying to blow off steam, but this duo travels better than most. marine 1 to air force one then a motorcade to an ncaa basketball game. if it was david cameron 's first basketball, you couldn't tell.

>> getting some tips. he'll help me fill out my bracket.

>> he's going to teach me cricket.

>> reporter: at downing street , the prime minister said he was taking a crash course to get ready. he was the perfect guest, trying to make up for that dust up a few years back.

>> i'm a little embarrassed as i stand here to think 200 years ago my ancestors tried to burn this place down. you're clearly not taking any risks with the brits this time.

>> reporter: despite the pomp and circumstance , at heart this so-called special relationship is personal. as indicated by their gifts. the obamas gave the camerons a fancy barbecue grill and monogrammed bean bag chairs for their children. the camerons gave the obamas a ping pong table.

>> when you see us standing next to each other, it is quite clear the person who needs to be exercised is the british prime minister and the person who needs the barbecue is the president of the united states .

>> reporter: these two have a long way to go to match the men who first defined the special relationship . churchill lived at the white house for a while during world war ii . while he and fdr saved the world. andrea mitchell , nbc news, washington.

>>> we will have more with prime minister cameron tonight on "rock center." we cover everything from foreign wars and the economy to his critique how hollywood portrayed life at number 10 downing street . "rock center" at 10:00 tonight, 9:00 central.