Nightly News   |  March 15, 2012

Cameron: ‘I don’t support action now’

In an interview with NBC’s Brian Williams, Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain expressed the need to continue placing ‘massive pressure’ on Iran without resorting to military action.

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>>> during our conversation with british prime minister david cameron at number 10 downing street in london earlier this week, i asked about the threat of a nuclear iran and about israel 's signals it may be planning its own attack on tehran's nuclear facilities . like president obama , the british prime minister is saying not so fast.

>> i don't think as we stand today that military action by israel would be justified. i don't think the israelis should take that action now. we told them they shouldn't and said we wouldn't support it if they did. we've been very clear. i'm a friend of israel . israel has a right to exist as a democratic state . it's very, very important it knows it has strong allies like america, like the united kingdom , but i don't support action now because, frankly, we've got more road to run in putting in place sanctions and putting in place tough measures against the regime and saying to them they need to take a different path. they can have civil nuclear power , if they give up the ambition of having military nuclear power , they can have a future as a country that has more normal relations with the rest of the world . we need to keep up the pressure to encourage them to make the right choice.

>> do you believe containment can and will work?

>> what i'm arguing for is massive pressure. europe has an oil ban on iranian oil.

>> prime minister, can you afford to contemplate the possibility of hosting the world for the olympics here during or after an israeli military action in iran ?

>> i'm very confident we'll do that come what may. i don't support israeli action at this time. i think there is a lot more we can do to put pressure on iran to get them to take a different path. we take nothing off the table. britain is very clear just as america is. we don't rule out taking action or supporting being a, but that's not where we are right now. right now, turn up the pressure. get iranians to think again.

>> is it tougher to deal with when the israelis say this is about us, about our existence?

>> i completely understand why the israelis feel as strongly as they do. i feel strongly. i do not want to see an iran with a nuclear weapon . this is, of course, about israel and the middle east because in iranian nuclear weapon would meet a state of a city that wants to wipe israel off the map. countries that don't have nuclear weapons would want to acquire them. this is about our own security. there are risks that iran would have the capabilities to attack further. i'm quite clear this is in our interest that iran doesn't have a nuclear weapon . that's why with allies, we are piling on the pressure. we always work together, always will.

>> there is more from our wide-ranging conversation on our website