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Nightly News   |  March 28, 2012

Veterans ‘fearless’ and ready to work

Former Army Captain Wes Moore says putting the nation’s veterans to work only helps America in the long run.

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>>> aboard the aircraft carrier museumic sss intrepid, an effort to help veterans find civilian job skz back home. it's parts of hiring our heroes, a joint project by nbc universal and the chamber of commerce . more than 4400 vets and their spouses attended events today. 16,000 more participated online. our own parent company, by the way, comcast, nbc universal pledged to hire 1,000 vets over the next three-year period. wes moore is here with us in the studio. he was a captain in the u.s. army , 82nd airborne in afghanistan and has worked to get other vets hired since he was home. you had a degree from john hopkins , you were a rhodes scholar , and someone hired you, and as i said on the broadcast, if you have seen a sergeant major in the army in the field , you would hire that person so fast because they can get anything done.

>> it's so true. it's important for america to understand that not just working with vets, but hires vets, isn't a charity, it's an investment. there's two real misconceptions that people have about veterans. people think particularly in light of the sergeant bales incident, they're ticking time bombs. the vast majority of people who come home don't have post traumatic stress or brain injury, and with proper treatment, there's no correlation with the incidents and the murder sprees that we saw with sergeant bales. and many people think they're robots, yes, sir, no, sir. these veterans coming back home are entrepreneurial, fearless. and being able to bring them in the employment workfold can only help our nation in the longrun.

>> thanks for being here. wes moore with us. we'll have more on this on rock center tonight, and there's a lot more on all of the upcoming job fairs around the country and the world on our website, nbcnight