Nightly News   |  May 01, 2012

Obama and Karzai show solidarity

The Strategic Partnership Agreement, which was nearly two years in the making, was described by the President as a historic moment for Afghanistan and the U.S. NBC’s Atia Abawi reports.

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>>> never on the ground long, but it's intense while they're there?

>> absolutely, brian. what was interesting about this visit was that this top secret visit was actually leaked by afghan journalists through the afghan media, including the airways and twitter, for that matter. it was a very important visit to the afghan people . many skeptical about the commitment to afghanistan beyond the combat role that is expected to end in 2014 . the u.s. president and the afghan president hoping to show the afghans as well as the taliban that the u.s. is committed to the future of afghanistan . this agreement took quite a while to get to nearly two years for the u.s. and the afghans to come to an agreement. a little after midnight here in afghanistan , president obama and president karzai proving to the world they are committed together.