Nightly News   |  May 10, 2012

‘Got Your Six’ campaign takes up veteran issues

With combat operations beginning to wind down, more than 1 million veterans will be returning to their communities, looking to reclaim their lives and livelihoods. A new campaign wants to help returning veterans and their families. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

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>>> tonight, an unprecedented effort to help america's men and women return to their families and some semblance of a normal life at home. with combat operations starting to bind down, more than 1 million veterans will be returning home to their communities. which brings us to a new campaign we here at nbc universal are very proud to be a part of. it takes its name from a military phrase. i've got your 6.

>> got your 6 is a military term that means, i've got your back. the 12:00 is your front, your direction of travel. 3:00 and 9:00 are right and left, and 6:00 is to the rear.

>> keep doing what you're doing. i have your back. i'm able to watch the dark spots, the places you can't see.

>> through jobs, education, housing, and more, we can support returning military veterans and their families.

>> the first step in bridging the civilian/military divide is having each other's 6. changing the conversation in america so the veterans and military families are seen as civic assets and leaders and not as charity cases or problems.

>> my daughter is 11 years old. i went to a meeting of parents a few months back. and in walked a couple who were both in fatigufatigues, and this couple went and sat down. no one talked to them. it wasn't that people were rude or mean, but it was as if there was a discomfort, they didn't know what to do. we haven't figured out how to have this dialogue.

>> civilians absolutely have the desire to share in the sacrifice or express their appreciation in a meaningful way. we as a country have lacked outlets for that appreciation sometimes. we, through these wars, haven't been buying war bonds or recycling tin.

>> i've got your 6.

>> show your support and prove to a veteran you've got their 6.

>> going to war in many cases is the easy part. what we do to take care of people and the ones and warriors we ask to do the job, that's the tough part. the work begins now.

>> a great campaign. a lot of great people are involved. and if you're interested in joining in, getting involved in the work, we've put more information on the website,