Nightly News   |  July 01, 2012

GOP vows to block health care law

After the Supreme Court upheld President Obama’s health care law, Republicans vowed to block the law’s implementation. NBC’s Mike Viqueria reports.

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>>> to presidential politics now. a new fallout from the landmark supreme court ruling upholding president obama 's signature health care law . today both campaigns came out swinging continuing a fight that is likely to run right up until election day .

>> the idea that the federal government can mandate that the american people purchase a product is shocking to me.

>> reporter: in the after math of the ruling defiance from republican leaders.

>> this has to be ripped out by its roots.

>> reporter: bobby jindal vowed to block key provisions of the law.

>> every governor has two critical provisions to make. one is do we set up exchanges or set up medicaid. in louisiana we are not doing either of those things.

>> reporter: conservatives are energized. in the 24 hours after the decision was announced the romney campaign says it took in $4.6 million from donors. with repeal out of the question without control of both congress and the white house the republicans view the ruling as a rallying cry for the fall.

>> we have one last chance to defeat obama care and can do that in november with the election.

>> with regards to the mandate, the individual responsibility program which i have proposed.

>> reporter: the overhaul was modelled after romney 's own plan which included an individual mandate.

>> the fact of the matter is it is the law. it will work. it is necessary and governor romney knows it because he did it in massachusetts.

>> reporter: and democrats say many parts of the law are popular with the public.

>> i think if republicans make as their number one issue the repeal of health care they are certainly going to lose the election in the house and the senate and the presidency.

>> reporter: and the president has issued a stark warning to his big donors saying the super pacs are on the verge of handing the white house and the party and asking donors to give all they can to help him fight