Nightly News   |  July 01, 2012

Mexicans vote for new president

U.S. officials have kept a close eye on the Mexican presidential elections, where the country’s future is considered very important. NBC’s Mark Potter reports.

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>> reporter: back.

>> thank you. there is another election today. mark potter reports from mexico city .

>> reporter: the lines were long as tens of millions of mexican voters went to the polls to select their new president. with complaints raised about vote buying the election is being monitored and being watched closely in the united states where mexico 's future is considered very important. jose is the main anchor for nbc's spanish network.

>> we share a 2,000 mile border. what happens here has a direct impact on the united states , drugs, immigration and these issues are intertwined.

>> reporter: the leading candidates are -- she is considered a victim of mexico 's sluggish economy and the controversial drug war . former mexico city mayor is the left wing candidate who lost last time. the leading candidate is a tellogenic former governor married to a soap opr opera star.

>> he is bright. he is energetic. that makes a great candidate.

>> reporter: from the party that ran mexico for seven straight decades before it was voted out.

>> i believe it would be a major setback for this country.

>> reporter: argued it is much different now and vows to attract foreign investment , create jobs and reduce violence as many wonder if mexico is about to embrace the future or return to a past it once rejected.