Nightly News   |  July 04, 2012

Hot temperatures to stay through weekend

The Weather Channel’s Kelly Cass takes a look at the national forecast.

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>> get a break from all this heat? you just saw kelly cass in this heat, she joins us live with more from weather channel headquarters.

>> we have to hang in there until early next week when we can finally see temperatures go back to average. not a major cooldown for any of us really. as john mentioned, temperatures in chicago once again 101 degrees. tennessee valley we are heating things up as we head into friday with you getting up to 104. triple digit readings back towards the plains as well. looking at kansas city getting up to 102. there's our nation's capital, 103 degrees as we kick off this weekend. now, here is what we can look forward to. this high pressure that's been dominating our weather pattern across the middle of the country, that is going to move back toward the west. so those in the northwest where we've had cool air , guess what, it's going to get hot for you guys monday into tuesday, while the eastern half of the country finally catching a break in new england and around the great lakes. that does include chicago. look for cooler temperatures by the beginning of next week. something to look forward to, kate.

>> okay. kelly cass , thanks so