Nightly News   |  July 08, 2012

Adult playgrounds fight obesity

Playgrounds are no longer just for kids. Now, free workout – er, play – stations have popped up at city parks in an effort against obesity. NBC’s Ron Allen reports.

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>>> you belong to a gym then you know it can be expensive and force you indoors. now more and more cities are turning to an outdoor alternative. nbc's ron allen has the story for us tonight.

>> don't quit. five. come on. just like that.

>> reporter: play grounds aren't just for kids anymore. just ask al freda toyer to the account of her trainer.

>> it's hot. it's early.

>> it is.

>> reporter: you are out here.

>> yes i am because i want to lose weight and stay healthy and fit.

>> reporter: 30 pounds lost she says, 30 more to go at new york 's first adult playground. it's just like a gym.

>> this is a gym. this is our gym.

>> reporter: there are more than just a few workout stations. adult play grounds like this one in miami has equipment that works a lot like the stuff in the expensive sports clubs . that is what just about everybody says is one of the best things about the public places. they're free.

>> it helps a lot with your biceps.

>> reporter: they are pumping up from mimiff aami to los angeles . new york 's park commission says the play grounds are with a ban on smoking.

>> we want everybody to get exercise and this is one more way for people not to have an excuse.

>> reporter: this playground is actually a test. if it works out well and it sure seems to be new york plans to bulk up and add two dozen more. companies that used to just make children's play grounds have found a money making niche.

>> the growth has been explosive in the last 18 months.

>> reporter: if you doubt the play grounds are place s for serious workouts just ask.

>> i don't think this is for kids.

>> reporter: you are not intimidated by some of these guys?

>> i'm here to work on me.

>> reporter: here at the playground every morning living a healthier life she says, not for fun and games . ron allen . nbc