Nightly News   |  July 22, 2012

Mothers, fathers, heroes among shooting victims

Among the 12 who died early Friday at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo. were fathers, mothers, a little girl – even heroes. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports.

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>> are learning tonight much more about the 12 people who died from their wounds here. we are hearing from family and friends about what they were like. we are seeing some of the faces of some for the very first time including that six-year-old girl who was at the movies with her mom. we get their stories tonight.

>> reporter: 12 people killed in a simple act of going to the movies. sometimes the real super heroes aren't on the big screen . jonathan blunk wanted to be a navy seal but his life ended in the line of fire at home.

>> what a great hero he is. he provided me the opportunity to survive.

>> reporter: matthew mcquinn took a bullet shielding his girlfriend and a brother. 24-year-old alexander teves was hit. jesse childress died trying to save a female air force colleague. friday was alex sullivan's 27th birthday. today would have been his one-year wedding anniversary . veronica moser -sullivan's mother was still in critical condition when she was told she will never again see the six year old who loved to play dressup. alexander boik was secretly engaged to his girlfriend.

>> played on the baseball team .

>> reporter: jessica ghawi was well loved, too, an aspiring sports reporter. micayla medek an avid green bay packers fan. rebecca wingo was a working mom pursuing a degree. and 27-year-old john larimer a petty officer in the navy, the youngest of five siblings.

>> he was an outstanding ship mate, a valued member of our navy team and an extremely dedicated sailor.

>> reporter: the oldest victim gordon cowden was a devoted father at the movie with his teenagers. 12 lives lost to their loved ones and the world.