Nightly News   |  July 25, 2012

North Korean leader gets married

The once-mysterious well-dressed woman often seen by Kim Jong Un’s side, was revealed to be his wife, Ri Sol Ju. News of the newlyweds took U.S. officials by surprise. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.

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>>> in charge! the big news you would have learned today is you have a new first lady. put it another way kim jong -un is off the market. he went and got married and korean state-run tv today announced the happy union and it came out of nowhere. our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell has the story.

>> reporter: imagine a combination of kate middleton and princess grace . the young heir to a political dynasty married the glamorous pop star . but this is the kingdom, instead of a pomp and circumstance of a royal wedding , here is how north korean television shouted the news of the happy couple. the new first lady of north korea ri sol ju, seen at the side of greater leader kim jong -un visiting school children today and saluting the military, even though he recently fired his top general. until today's announcement she was a well dressed mystery woman accompany's kim to a performance of mickey mouse and on an island pleasure ground, pyongyang's version of an amusement park . leaders rarely reveal personal life . while today's announcement while not a missile launch took the u.s. by surprise.

>> to my knowledge, i don't think we were invited to the wedding nor did we have any advance information.

>> reporter: what does it mean north korea 's version of " access hollywood " is featuring glamorous images of the newlyweds.

>> on the surface it's kind of fun and musing. the young leader has a wife. they are going to make little kims. that's all wonderful. in the end the bigger problems still remain.

>> reporter: for now the regime is trying to show a modern face and create a new personality with the young leader and his new wife. andrea mitchell , nbc news, washington.