Nightly News   |  July 28, 2012

Another Phelps-Lochte event to come

NBC's Dan Hicks takes a look at what's next in London for U.S. swimmers Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps.

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>>> when you watch the race tonight here on nbc, you'll be hearing the call of dan hicks of nbc sports . he is with us tonight. dan, this has a mighty casey aspect about it, though you and the trade, the guys who follow swimming year round knew lochte to be presumably number one in the sport. it is still going to come as quite a drama to the folks joining us and watching this tonight.

>> absolutely, brian. this is one race, the 400 i.m. the most grilling of all the swimming races. you have to put the training in for it and essentially michael phelps didn't begin training for it really seriously until only about nine months ago. so ryan lochte really has been considered the best swimmer in the world for quite some time now. so for michael phelps to finish as far back and not get the job done, everybody is used to him winning gold medals , let alone off the podium. it was pretty surreal.

>> and dan, the two will meet again, i understand, thursday, though both of them have individual races and a lot of them in the days to come.

>> they will. they have three more individual events to go. it will be very interesting to see how michael phelps bounces back. they are going to meet head to head, we expect, in the finals of the 200 i.m. but again, michael phelps barely made it into the finals of the 400 i.m. by .07 of a second. i look for him to bounce back in the 200 i.m. even though the same night, lochte has a final in the 200 back.

>> dan hicks , nbc sports across town at our nbc studios . thanks very much for being with us.

>> you're welcome.