Nightly News   |  July 28, 2012

Funerals continue for Colo. victims

More victims of last week’s Aurora movie theater shootings were laid to rest Saturday. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

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>>> now to colorado and the news that has come out of the aftermath of the massacre in that movie theater over a week ago now. today, the funerals continued for the victims there as we learn new details about the suspect. his lawyers revealing, james holmes was seeing a psychiatrist, even as police say he was plotting to commit mass murder . our report tonight from nbc's mike taibbi .

>> reporter: one after the other, the victims shot dead for the simple reason that they chose to see a movie have been laid to rest. rebecca , a local mother of two in her own home town .

>> rebecca was full of life and light.

>> reporter: matt mcquinn buried in ohio. john layer more in illinois.

>> my heart is breaking and i will miss him.

>> reporter: a.j. remembered in aurora. jonathan to be buried. jessica brought home to san antonio .

>> you don't know how long you have here.

>> reporter: for the 58 victims who were shot but survived, including steven barton now back home in connecticut, these are days spent healing.

>> i was holding on to my neck to staunch the bleeding.

>> reporter: and reflecting on what brought them to this theater at just the wrong time. a theater whose owners are now offering to pay funeral expenses for those killed. for barton and boyhood pals, it was a bicycle trip to discover america . 3,000 miles so far east to west, stopping on day 44 for just one day in aurora. movie tickets for themselves and the local pal and then madness.

>> what happened kind of is the worst parts of humanity.

>> reporter: as for the suspect, james holmes , his lawyer revealed he had been in contact with the university psychiatrist while his academic career fell apart, and while police say he assembled an arsenal. meanwhile, greg, the cross maker after oklahoma city , after columbine, has asked once again to mark an unspeakable tragedy.

>> it is a message of hope.

>> reporter: while the city's flags will be raised back to full staff tomorrow, rebecca 's mother, like the loved ones of all the dead, mostly feels diminished.

>> i don't care what anybody ever says to me about why. it doesn't matter. it is just senseless.

>> reporter: holmes will be in court here in centennial on monday to hear the formal charges against him. whether the state will seek the death penalty or holmes will plead insanity might not be known for months. brian?

>> mike taibbi , centennial, colorado, for us. thanks.