Nightly News   |  October 29, 2012

10-foot waves hit New Jersey

Police have sealed off Point Pleasant Beach in New Jersey, and a mandatory evacuation order is in effect. There are fears that Hurricane Sandy could wipe out entire sections of the town. NBC’s Ron Allen reports.

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>> to the central jersey shore. again, this storm is impacting in ways that will re-write history. just before his satellite truck signal went down we want to show you the last report we showed from correspondent ron allen on point pleasant beach.

>> reporter: good evening from point pleasant beach, where the sand dune is the only thing between the town and the sea, which is coming up closer and closer by the hour. waves are at least ten to eight feet, with winds at 70 miles an hour, rain falling sideways, the situation has gotten worse progressively as we -- in the last hour or so it has really gotten worse. we have also been out in the town where there is severe flooding. police have the area sealed off. there is a mandatory evacuation order under effect. real concern here is that the inland lake and bay will flood, and connect to the ocean. and wipe out the entire town in this area. a similar story up and down the jersey coast. back to you.

>> so again, that was ron allen , point pleasant beach. and as you look at that recorded the last time we had contact, we know the crew is safe and sheltered inside the satellite truck . that was give or take, 90 minutes ago, it is now worse there, because the storm in chief is moving onshore, and the 8:00 eastern time high tide which is just going to mean bad news up and down the coast.