Nightly News   |  November 02, 2012

Frantic search for gas breeds frustration

Tempers flared as people camped out all night, waiting for their turn at the pump in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. NBC’s Tom Costello reports.

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>>> you the jersey shore remains crippled, of course, and one of the major unsolved problems across this whole region, people can't get gasoline. gas stations don't have power or supply and they can't pump gas without either. that is causing grid lock and anger in a lot of places, tom costello is at a truck stop on the jersey turnpike in ridge field, which means tom, they have long, long?r lines.

>> reporter: yeah, they're very popular, they have already gone through 20,000 gallons at this station alone, and this line running up around the station, around the jersey turnpike , about a two-hour line. but across the state region frustration is running really high right now.

>> this line goes six miles, look at this.

>> reporter: if patience was in short supply yesterday, today it seemed all but exhausted.

>> where else will i get gas? everywhere is closed.

>> reporter: as the desperate search for gas streamed block after block, with police standing in lines to keep tempers in check, thousands brought gas cans to keep their homes warm. in queens, the tempers did flare.

>> i would like to you ask that cabbie why he jumped the line.

>> reporter: they attracted drivers from across the region.

>> i'm actually waiting to get gas to bring it to people in coney island , because they're devastated.

>> reporter: look how close that is to the rienefinery, that is the gas everybody wants. some refineries are still out of commission but there are still signs of progress, fuel tankers came to bring millions of barrel barrels of fuel.

>> it will be better in the near future, so no panic or anxiety.

>> reporter: oil and gas analysts say.

>> over the next couple of days, supplies will be tight. but by monday and tuesday we'll see a great improvement in service stations reopening.

>> reporter: back on the jersey turnpike , a sonoco fuel truck driver with fuel was a welcome sight.

>> i came from philadelphia.

>> if you get angry, it makes the situation worse you just have to ride along with it.

>> reporter: yeah, it is just gas, but let's talk about the price here, 3.57 a gallon here, we've heard some reports of some gouging, but really that has been limited. and here in new jersey, the state has capped the price that they can charge, and nationally, the gas is below 3.50 a gallon.