Nightly News   |  November 07, 2012

Braving the nor’easter in Long Island

One local resident refuses to be driven out by the latest storm, a combo of snow and rain that is threatening areas already ravaged by Hurricane Sandy. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>>> other story we're covering that could mean a lot of suffering for those already suffering from hurricane sandy. correspondent stephanie gosk is on long island tonight, good evening, stephanie .

>> reporter: good evening, brian, you know the storm has really started to come down here for a while now. most of long beach has not been inhabited since hurricane sandy. but others are trying to stick it out. officials say it will hit at 2:00 this morning, expected to rise five to six feet. as if things were not bad enough in long beach, long island, here comes the nor'easter.

>> i can't believe it is like snowing here.

>> reporter: the storm that buried her house last week during superstorm sandy is now covered by snow. but if sandy can't drive her out, this storm cannot.

>> i feel blessed we're alive. you know i can't deny, the storm is scary at points, i'm glad we stayed.

>> reporter: in a state where 250,000 households have no power, and most have no heat. braving the wind and snow, utility crews are out working, trying to restore power where they can.

>> while this storm is not as dangerous as sandy was, new yorkers should still take precautions.

>> tell me what you're doing.

>> reporter: but in many places, the sparrdespair is growing.

>> people are freezing, there are a lot of people with major medical illnesses that are not getting the help they need.

>> reporter: this family is struggling. no power now for ten days. a small generator runs a refrigerator and a couple of lights, but there is no heat. cold temperatures are making the nights unbearable.

>> i make sure that the kids are bundled and we're all in layers and sleeping bags . and lots of blankets, last night it was really cold.

>> reporter: but while we're there, the moment thousands were waiting for.

>> the heat especially is a big concern right now. we are cold. oh, my goodness.

>> reporter: one less family in the dark, and the cold. at least for now. the fire department tells us they have a concern here in long beach. and that is these houses that are using generators. the problem is the wires have been corroded by the salt water , brian, and when they turn the generators on, they can spark.

>> a whole lot of people suffering in the region, but what a moment, you happened to be there when the lights came back for that family. we're happy for them. stephanie gosk in long beach, new york.