Nightly News   |  November 16, 2012

Homes gone, three neighbors look to future

Residents of the Jersey Shore talk to Nightly News about surviving Hurricane Sandy as they search for pieces of their past amid the wreckage. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>>> tonight, we want to head back to the jersey shore to check in on the staggering storm damage . if you have seen our coverage you probably have noticed it is the modest towns where the damage has been most shocking. people go there and live there for the jersey shore life. it is not the hamptons or malibu, it is close neighbors and cottages. and these days it is hard to imagine how it will be the same. it has been 18 days and folks just now are able to see the damage. nbc's stephanie gosk was there.

>> reporter: these people on the jersey shore , three neighbors, their houses are totally gone.

>> i got some ground here.

>> my grandfather had a house for 60 years. and it was our future. but -- but it is also my past.

>> this is the handle to our stove. how hard this is today. it is devastating. i don't know what else to say. the idea of rebuilding doesn't even seem responsible right now.

>> reporter: people here are just trying to understand the scope of the destruction. this house is obviously off its foundation. this is also the second floor.

>> even if you could wave a magic wand and everything is going to be put back, it is going to be years before some of that comes back. i worked on the boardwalk growing up. you know, i can walk the seaside. that is a steel beam, there is wood on the outside, but it is bent like crazy. to see this, it is a big path, my friend, jo, i have known him my whole life. he is digging for his safe right now.

>> reporter: tell me what you're hoping to find right now.

>> a safe, with family memorabilia, pictures of my parents, just, you know, my eagle scout award . every one of these houses, you're family. and you all hang out on the beach together, and you watch your kids grow, and you watch the grand kids grow. and it is -- you know, you got your memories.

>> reporter: stephanie gosk, nbc news on the jersey shore .