Nightly News   |  December 01, 2012

Storms hammer West Coast

Storms keep hammering the West Coast and another storm headed for California could result in disaster. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>>> we turn now out west where northern california and parts of oregon are bracing for impact tonight from a third round of heavy storms. many areas have been hard hit by flooding in recent days, and tonight one california county is preparing for what could be a disaster. nbc's miguel almaguer is in the mountain town of truckey, california along the rising river.

>> reporter: good evening. tonight this area is under a state of emergency . the truckey river runs for 121 miles between california and nevada and officials say it is not a question of if but when will this river flood? along the truckee river rising water and concern. tonight this family is hoping to save their home of 50 years. a rock and dirt beam may help keep the water away but today this family is moving out.

>> that's important.

>> reporter: carolyn has seen her home, this area flood before.

>> it's a helpless feeling. there is nothing else you can do. there is nothing. so you just do what you can.

>> reporter: with river water that could rise seven and a half feet with tomorrow's oncoming storm, the county has already declared a state of emergency . this mountain community, bracing for the worst.

>> we know we're going to have flooding in some areas. there is no getting around that.

>> reporter: for four days, the west has been hammered by rain, wind, and snow. in san francisco this week, flooding. in los angeles , trees and traffic have been the biggest problem. up and down the coast, surf advisories are in effect.

>> it is going to be nasty. very heavy rain . could lead to river flooding, flooding on the roads. it could just be dangerous to be out and about.

>> reporter: another punch from a series of storms still on the move and once again threatening homes. earlier today nevada's governor also toured this river for some perspective and they're not just worried about flooding here but up and down california there are flood watches in effect and the weather while it is supposed to get bad tomorrow already today at sfo delays topped two hours. lester?

>> miguel almaguer, northern california tonight. thank you.