Nightly News   |  December 01, 2012

Warm weather kicks off winter in South

Storms may be hitting the West Coast but temperatures are in the 60s in the South, marking a warm start to winter. The Weather Channel’s Kim Cunningham has more.

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>>> of meteorlogical winter much of the country is about to feel record warmth for the start of december. meteorologist kim cunningham joins us from the weather channel headquarters. good evening.

>> good evening, lester. it's typical a lot of times when you get that rainy weather in the west further east you get the warmth, the record highs. that's what we saw today. these are just some of the cities that did see records. oklahoma city , dallas 83. that was a record. houston 82. that was a record for you. we're talking about records that were broken from the 70s, corpus christi 86 degrees. now the reason we're seeing this is because our jet stream is so far to the north. notice the trough and the dip in the jet stream on the west. that's why we're seeing the storms. but in response we're seeing the ridge building in. that is when we see the record warmth. we'll see a little break in the pattern at least the northern plains looks like sometime next week. but sunday more record highs will be broken including getting close and in st. louis we could see records falling here. it looks like a warm start to december at least for the next week or so at least for south.