Nightly News   |  December 05, 2012

Street fights rage in Cairo

On the doorstep of Egypt’s presidential palace, angry protesters accuse Mohamed Morsi of stealing power and imposing a constitution they consider illegal. NBC’s Richard Engel reports.

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>>> mind, the situation in egypt , the violence, the president fleeing the palace looks very familiar. the president today tried to urge the egyptians to settle their differences peacefully. our chief correspondent richard engel saw it firsthand, standing by in cairo tonight, good evening, richard.

>> reporter: good evening, brian , the egyptian president , mohamed morsy, supporters of the muslim brotherhood want a strong president and want more islamic law . his opponents say the president is forcing an islamic agenda down their throat. and today, the two sides clashed. on the door step of egypt 's presidential palace , leading clashes, the fighting injured hundreds. the fighting is very fluid, sometimes the anti-morsy demonstrators, those right here will make advances just a few yards then get driven back. there are no police here, they are just two sides facing each other in the streets. as one side advances the other retreats. demonstrators kept police from the scene. there is still mistrust here, during the revolution of hosni mubarak .

>> when the egyptian people go out again in the streets, they never go back. they must win, otherwise the muslim brotherhood will destroy egypt .

>> reporter: a battle for the soul of the biggest country in the arab word . and tonight, brian , four of president morsy's 22 advisers have resigned in protest, saying president morsy should do more to bring calm here. brian ?

>> richard engel back here tonight in a familiar hot spot in cairo.