Nightly News   |  December 10, 2012

Valuable artwork turns up at Goodwill

Bargain hunters never know what will turn up amid the second-hand bounty at Goodwill, where some buyers have discovered famous paintings. NBC’s Kevin Tibbles reports.

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>>> finally tonight you see them on antiques road show the people who swear aunt edna's vase or painting is a treasure, it happens more often including most recently in milwaukee. our report from kevin tibbles.

>> reporter: your neighborhood goodwill store is brimming with hand-me-downs and second-hand bargains and sometimes real treasure. you're poking around?

>> that's about it.

>> reporter: karen was looking for a set of knives when something red and white and black loipt at her.

>> i couldn't help but see it.

>> she bought the paints, 12 bucks and decided to investigate. lo and behold a calder lithograph entitled red nose. aappraisers say replacement value is $9,000.

>> it's so much fun. if i could sell it for what it's worth, i'm not sure i would. i like it a lot.

>> reporter: goodwill's always on the lookout for treasures buried in the donations each year. this tie likely isn't one of them. in recent years the goodwill's own good work has profited greatly by finding diamonds in the rough . in 2008 a goodwill in eastern maryland discovered a parisian sean by edward cortez. they auctioned it for 40,00 6 thousa thous40$,600 and in 2006 a donated oil painting earned goodwill over $165,000. where is it coming from? family members don't know what they've got says art dealer bill delind when cleaning out grandma's attic.

>> maybe passed on or moved into nursing homes. they have stuff to get rid of, and all of a sudden it's my goodness, let's just give it to good will.

>> as for karen and her red nose, she'll keep it but the $12 price tag on the back is the real masterpiece. kevin tibbles, nbc news, milwaukee.